Sunday, 13 March 2011

its a winner and some head magic

I've just got through watching this eagerly anticipated DVD from brad bohen i will be doing a review shortly but what i will say is this film is incredible i just could stop watching it and with 60 Min's of extras as well awesome absolutely awesome if you don't want to wait click on the picture below for sales in the UK and to watch a trailer , for the USA click the link below
this DVD will give you more pleasure than a good humping

Check SpellingMarc Petijean Magic Heads

quite a while ago i bought a pile of magic heads and used them on some patterns , they had just hit the market and i thought id give them ago i bought 3 packets of them and used 2 packs on flies that have long since been given away , well a couple of months ago i found buried deep in a box of random stuff the last packet , so i decide that id make up some smaller baitfish for my local perch population i had a free day coming up , well i say free i was watching my boy while the wife went to work so i set aside this time to do them i had already dug out the hooks and stuck the heads on to save a bit of time when i came to do them .....great plan

well it would have been a great plan if when i cam to do them id bloody remembered where the safe place id put them was AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGG so that was that idea shot down in flames , well last week i was getting some hooks out for a couple of streamers i was going make i opened the bag of hook to find the magic heads staring back at me , I'm pretty positive i didn't put them in that safe place so obviously somebody had moved them not me of course.

nothing really spectacular about these there really just scaled down pike flies , of course they will catch bigger pike but to me if your fishing a venue that has other species then you will off course pick up other bonus species with flies this size which incidentally are 4 inch's and tied on long shanked Aberdeen's , the Aberdeen hooks are very light so you get the best fly shake with these , nothing wrong with using heavier hooks i just prefer the lightweight hooks go with what your confident in

i do have a really funky plan for some surface versions of these which i think will destroy the largemouth bass when i head to Vermont for my yearly surface fly fishing adrenalin fix on Champlain , more on those when I've cooked them
so starts another week and I'm hitting a big water on Tuesday so watch out for some stunning scenic pictures and hopefully some fish on Wednesday
later folks


Jeff said...

Very cool, plan on going after some toothy fish on the New River, Va ASAP!!!

Fishing in Poland said...

Fantastic flies! I would try it for polish pikes!