Tuesday, 15 March 2011

ugly bettys

so my trip today didn't happen due to a heavy snow forecast from 9am till 3.pm which to be honest i really didn't fancy being out fly fishing all day in a boat on a big Scottish loch , I've done enough of that in my younger days and not really wanting to repeat it again , i spoke to Stevie who agreed and we have re scheduled , don't get me wrong i honestly don't mind a bit of rain or bit of a snow flurry on and off during the day but not all day , the weather was going to be raining in Edinburgh today but Stevie decided he was going to go on his syndicate water and came round last night and borrowed a box of sub bugs so hopefully he would have had a few fish today ill find out later

so today ended up being a bit of a tying day my brother from another motha across the pond has a really sick looking pike catcher called the ugly betty

quiet a sick looking fly and i was blown away when i saw it and though i had to make a few of them , just looking at it fires me up to make some well i say make some i should say put my own slant on it which is what i did , you see I've not had a chance to speak to ken about the design of it but by looking at it i got to thinking it was designed to make a lot of noise on the surface with the foam disc at the nose end so I'm like yea I'm digging that and my brain kicks into gear and I'm thinking OK how about replacing the disc just with pile of spun hair
so i thought the best way forward was with a big 6/0 pike / musky hook as there is plenty of room on the extra long shank for materials and to get a good enough pile of deer hair to shift some water the main thing being to create a lot of noise i did a slight trim on this one so when pulled the water should spit forward , of course i could fish this booby style on a sinking line as well which i think would fish just as well

pretty much the same fly as above except i haven't trimmed the head at all this should cause more of a water displacement than the fly above it

again the same tye untrimmed but using a different colour deer hair for the head although I've kept with the same perch type colours the head looks a bit wild , but that's what i was going for plenty of noise

there big these 8 inches of pike snax but they are not heavy at all due to them being tied hollow tye style I'm really looking forward to trying them out ,

so the next one i think is to do some with dumbbell eyes as a mid water or bottom bouncing fly same concept as above (i say concept somebody's probably already done a fly like this before) but to fish hook up

the daft thing I've just realised is that these flies bear no resemblance to kens ugly betty's that i was going to tie but i ended up going off on a tangent i will tomorrow do some copy's of kens bettys as i actually think they are really good so stay tuned and to see the real ugly betty head over to my brothers site at pike adventures

see ya tomorrow when maybe just maybe ill have done one
a cave in Scotland

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Jeff said...

Those creatures look alive and I'm sure the pike will think so too.