Wednesday, 30 March 2011

tying stuff

a big heads up to my brother ken from pike adventures who was tying at the Burlington flyfishing expo. Lots of stuff going on as far as fly tying , casting , raffles and silent auctions. he a chance to meet up with friends and met new ones as well. Tying was to benefit PROJECT HEALING WATERS i give a big well done to ken and all the others for taking part in such a worthy cause if you don't know about this or the cause itself please click on the link below

the picture below was edited on my camera I'm still playing with the settings and so far I'm really impressed at what i can do with it edit wise i think this is quite a nice shot may even have it as a desktop

I've been busy tying up some new patterns for nick over at deer creek , as you may know i do limited editions for nicks site usually half a dozen at a time so if you want some cool pike flies here's the link

the flies below should be on next week but it does depend on if nick has a dodgy stomach or not , the ones below are just needing a little loose fibre trim and then they will be in the post , these hotcore flies have actually sparked a lot of interest on an America forum i go on and threes a few copy's on the forum already they are great flies though

pike pike baby

above is some blended fibre baby pike that are also heading to deer creek these are tied on 2/0 hooks ultra light with UV resin heads and gator eyes great for when pike are feeding on there brothers and sisters ..............

deer creek have also been working on some massive eyes for big pike flies the on above is 14mm and tied on a 6/0 although my picture really doesn't do it justice .

suffering from an acute dose of tiredness just now and I've still got to go to work tonight so catch ya all later


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pikepicker said...

feckin great post brother thanks for the props as usual. I'm lovin those flies mate!!!!