Saturday, 26 March 2011

blending fibers

blending fibers opens up a whole new world of custom colours for your flies play around ,experiment and see what you can come up with , there is other ways of blending , this is just the way i do it and it works for me ...............enjoy and have a try

material gliss and glint and gliss and glint plus

available from

choose your colours

take a section of material from each pack
(i only do enough at a time for one fly if I'm doing dozens of flies ill just blend the whole packs)
lay the 2 clumps next to each other , if you want more of one colour the lessen the amount of the other colour

spread out one colour as above

spread out the second colour over the first

pinch the clump between fore finger and thumb

what you need to do is roll the fiber between your fingers as above then keep rolling it and you will get a really nice mix (it may take a few Min's to do this) here is the blended fibre after a few Min's rolling if i want more spread of colours ill continue blending between my fingers till i get the right spread

the finished fly

so not for the first time I've got a gazzilion ideas floating around my head I've also got some really fantastic other synthetics from pike trek that will also take to this method of blending so cant wait to get some funky stuff made and just see what colours i come up with I've already got an idea for a baby large mouth bass that I'm going to do next week mmmmm sweet

this is by no means the only way to blend fibers and I'm sure theres guys out there doing it a lot better than me but I've made it work for me I'm Happy with it and until i find a better way to do it I'm good thanks

thanks brothers and sisters


a cave in scotland


Dustin's Fly Box said...

I wonder if I can get that stuff states side, but I see they ship internationally at no extra charge so might have to pick some up! Thanks for the idea

Troutdawg said...

I love it!