Monday, 7 March 2011

new patterns from old ideas

another Sunday dawned and i had a long shift at work to look forward to , i also had a bee in my bonnet about doing some more flashtails for Stevie and doing some different colours and you know what happens when you start doing different things with a pattern yup you start to morph that pattern into a completely new fly just so happens that's what happened yesterday

i knew it was going to be a good day for tying , i just felt it in my bones so i decided not to take the laptop to work and concentrate on the flies and see what i could come up with i knew something would happen just wasn't sure what i was going to end up with to be honest

OK so i sat and knocked out a few blantons whistler type flies for Stevie and while i was tying them i was constantly think what if i did this or added that what would happen if i did this etc , so when i had a firm idea in my head i went for the tie deciding to go for something green to start with and the big difference is that unlike the whistlers i have added a rattle into the body and tied onto a 5/0 oshaughnasy hook the hook gives it a little extra weight if i wanted it to fish higher in the water id just use a lightwire hook the plastic rattle despite having 3 ball bearings has pretty much zilch weight and has no effect weight wise on the flies
so with the first one done and being happy with the overall result i decided to do the old classic red and white version , so this is loosely designed on the Whistler and I'm liking what i see , the addition of a very thin coat of uv bond over the eyes this adds a little extra weight at the front of the fly for added action without giving it too much to make the thing sink like a stone

so i messed about the whole day with this to try and get it perfected and by the end of the day i had quite a few sexy looking flies and at an average of 6.5 inch's a great predator snack

so with another trip after pike being planned I've a great place to try these out before i go hopefully ill get to try them before i go to the big loch but I've been tying flies for predators for a lot of years and I'm pretty sure i know a good fly when i tie it and this has my juices going think its going to be a banker so i think ill need to give this a name
has to be of course
tight lines folks
Dave l
(a cave in Scotland)


Dustin's Fly Box said...

Great looking flies buddy!

dave lindsay said...

hey thanks buddy appriciated