Monday, 25 January 2010

bleeding kc baitfish

the other night i was watching a fantastic little video from a guy called mike Williams now he was tying a little wounded minnow trout fly at a show in the states , and i was thinking what a great little fly and it would be perfect for smaller predator species like chub and perch . so I've been milling this over in my mind for the last few days thinking what to do with the idea ,

well it came to me in a dream last night my eyes shot open a 6.50 am at 6.55 am i was at the vice with large coffee hands a flurry of activity mind going into colours overdrive . you see just the other day as you'll see in my post from yesterday ken capsey introduced me to the kc fly and the wounded bait fish method would fit into that pattern fantastically .......

the kc freddy kruger bleedeing baitfish ouch ya mother that hurt

the theory behind this is that the materials that the main kc will lie flat when wet forming that great baitfish profile so with the marioubou having far more movement than the bucktail and superhair when you stop the fly after a strip the bucktail will prettymuch stay in position while the marioubou will flare out to the side i.e wounded baitfish see pic below ............

the kc its only a flesh wound bleeding baitfish

the thing with predators is they are oppertunist and what will stoke a fish up more that having a bleeding snack in its view ......that will provoke the strike instint in the fish which is why fly fishing and lure fishing is such a succesfull pair of methods over bait fishing where really you are waiting for the fish to feed with fly and lure you can force the fish to attack just for the sake of it even if its not hungry because you are tapping into the predators reflex action to a distrssed fish .. i mean you go to the shop buy your favorite thing to eat dosnt mean your going to eat it straight away but you can still buy it and eat it later on.......

sorry i digress anyway picture below is the side view of the above picture all the flies on the page are around 6 to 7 inchs

the kc sarge sarge im wounded get the medics bleeding baitfish

just a slight change of colour but the same principal as the rest im really looking forward to getting these into a drain full of predators and i will do a full report on them when i get back from a 4 day trip i got planned but ive got a real good feeling about them..........

other business

check out Richard over at who has a really fantastic bit of writing on eyes for flies ...myself i was on the fence on this one for a long time whether eyes mattered or not and it wasn't till i spoke to a few anglers that i realised the eyes do actually catch bigger fish than the non eyed variety of flies but I'm not a scientist as to tell you why i can only go on experience well i mean if flies with no eyes caught more fish then id have boxes full of them , but as it happens i don't so that says something i suppose ....i suppose the most scientific way to prove it would be to put to identical flies on your leader with one on a dropper and one with no eyes and see how many you catch on what fly in the season . but you know what small jacks are like they will hit anything that moves where as the bigger fish seem to be more selective

anyway till the tuesday tie off i bid you fair well

(a cave in scotland)

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