Wednesday, 6 January 2010

clouser minnows

just waiting for my local water to thaw out and when it does these are the flies that catch the pike , the pike in my local venue are not massive but that doesn't really matter when you can go out and catch 15 , 20 fish in a session on the fly and clousers are the flies that just keep on catching so always worth me stockin up on them so here's a few of my favs tied up and ready to fish when all this feckin ice vanishes

added a few new blogs to the blog roll so be sure to check em out

tight lines from the frozen north
dave mcfluffchucker
(a very feckin cold feckin frozen scotland)

1 comment:

pikepicker said...

don't forget snowy Scotland bro....just think of all the woodchuck shaftin youll get in warmer May weather...BUHAHAHAHA!!!!