Thursday, 28 January 2010


hey hey well I'm a happy camper why well I've really got the vice head on this week , ya see if you've been following events in the last few days you'll know I've been raving about the new ken capsey designed fly called the kc bait fish now you'll know that Ive made a few of my own posted elsewhere on my blog and I've played with a couple of ideas as well the bleeding bait fish is really causing a storm and I've actually had calls from Friends who have used it and say that its quite remarkable that on the pause the thing actually looks like its bleeding .......RESULT cheers for the feedback fellas

so I'm on the run again with some new kc designs full breakdown below each one and I've been requested to do a step by step on this on the website i will have to of course clear this with ken as although I'm working with him on the designs it is his idea and I'm not going to claim it as my own even with the variations ........

so onto the variations

this has whiting saddle hackle built into the tail and on the flanks overlaid with buck tail

body material is yak hair with a buck tail collar and epoxy head should be a great mover and shaker in the water

under body is yellow schulpin feathers topped with black orvis ultra hair and a front section back of black buck tail

had to try it incorporating magnum zonker strip so what we have is a tail of white zonker a back of olive zonker ringed by white and olive buck tail the reason for adding the buck tail is to give it a belly shape when wet .......half eyes are are again from Richard his link is on the top right of the blog

it had to happen again sooner or later

before you say what the feck is that , well this is the wife's second attempt at tying a fly so i thought id share my pain with the rest of you i don't think i should suffer alone.........

tight lines till tomorrow fellow flingers

(a cave in scotland)


pikepicker said...

Bro your Mrs tie's a mean lookin fly I will fish that!! That top pattern is the bollocks man!!!

SMB tech geeks said...

Go on then big man, show us your second-ever attempt at tying a fly & then we can mock the inflicted!

To be fair to you though, your wife's sterling effort does look like it's been sucked up the vacuum cleaner...


dave lindsay said...

ive lost the picture but it wasnt as good as hers though ...vacum thats funny