Wednesday, 13 January 2010

yak yak yak

yak hair is something Ive never really used before but ken over at pike adventures uses it as standard so i thought id better see what all the fuss is about so i took the plunge and bought a couple of packets to play with.

now my first thoughts with this was well its that bloody long i may as well jump in at the deep end and try a bullhead with it so below is the result, actually I'm quite impressed with the stuff it does tie really well and i was able to mix some flash in with the head as well so top marks there

the resulting bloody massive yak hair bullhead is tied on a 6/0 orvis pike and musky hook now i must say that although it looks quite good Ive still not tried it wet so that will be reported on later when the ice breaks

well after a bullhead there really was only one way to go and that was down the foam head road i do bloody love those foam heads (cheers ulf) and i really enjoy making them although it can take a while to do em again orvis 6/0 Pike and musky hook was used just found these really good for them and sub bugs .

basically Ive just combined the long yak hair with a buck tail collar to maximise the movement, the epoxy head will make this fly a very slow sinker which means it will be great for searching out all the water column again not tested but i feel confident and that's half the battle

so yak hair so far i like it and i know ken at pike adventures has done well with it so i reckon the next logical step is to sub bug it

stay tuned


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pikepicker said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELLLLLL YEAHHHHHHHHH BRO!!! Yak is the cats meow or the pike's likes.......Next up on pikepicker's to do list.....DECEIVERS with yak tails BOO YAAA!!