Tuesday, 5 January 2010

the tuesday tie off

so this weeks choice by ken capsey over at pike adventures http://pikeadventures.blogspot.com was tarpon style flies with a pike twist

no usually we talk about what we are going to use material or style wise on a Sunday night and get materials ready etc for tying on a Monday unfortunately i was struck down on Monday with man flu and ended up in my bed all day Monday and the fact i was working on Tuesday didn't give me a lot of time to prepare .

so tarpon ties well they can have some advantages in pike fly fishing

1 free flow movement of material behind the hook
2 easy to get forceps around the hook shank for fly removal
3 forward hooking of the fish when they inhale the fly

but to be quite honest its not a fly i have a lot of in my boxes as there are far better designs out there but still they will catch fish if you want to have a bash

the fly above is just ties with schulpin feathers buck tail to give maximum movement in the water

this fly is a pretty basic 5 min tie with ep fibre and a DNA flash

i think its always good to experiment with flies and sometimes get out of your comfort zone so these have been enjoyable to tie and when the occasion arises i will fish them and be confident that what I've tied will catch fish , its unfortunate that i just didn't have the time due to illness to do what i wanted to do but maybe another day eh

thanks again to ken for the challenge and to Richard for the eyes

tight lines flingers
Dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)

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