Sunday, 17 January 2010

busy week and little time

sometimes events just take over and you find yourself with pretty much no time on your hands we have all been there and done it how many times have you woken up in the morning looked outside and thought what a great day to be out with the rod chucking flies at your chosen species , throwing a popper against the Lilly pads with the hope of a big largemouth sucking it under with a crash , or casting a big fly out to were the water gets murky as it slides off into the deep and you damm well know there is a big old pike waiting to shovel that fly down , or maybe the tide is just right the light levels are perfect and you going to nail dozens of stripped bass in the surf .

then reality crashes in and you got ten mins to get dressed get some breakfast and get to work , OK you could throw a sicky or phone the boss and say tearfully my grandma has passed away i wont be in today this works up to a certain point as one of my old bosses said to me once when i phoned in "dave how come you have lost 15 grandmas this year and they have all passed away when the weather has been great for fishing" at that point i thought id better start on the grandpas .......

so my week this far has been like that the pressures of work and home keeping me away from the vice and thick ice keeping me away from fishing but it could be worse , and at least i can still get on the net and read about and look at flies which brings me to the next point

fly flingers on facebook

facebook in case you didn't know is basically a networking site where you can catch up with old Friends keep in touch with family or like me get a great big dose of all things fluff through anglers all over the world and should you choose or if your on there already then check out myself and kens group for fly tying nutcases fly flingers pattern swap click the link below

now the group is growing quite fast with 70 odd members and well over 500 fly patterns to look at for all species , pike , trout, salmon, bass , stripers you name it there will be a pattern on there somewhere for you so check it out and have some fun

days of old

one of the people below is a mad keen fly angler can you guess which one , this picture was taken way back in 1984 when my love of rock music fast wimin and beer took over my life for a bit only for a bit though .i was soon back fishing

so hopefully next week ill be back to normal and I'm looking forward to the Tuesday tie in already in fact in really just going scatty being away from the vice for so long , fly tying addictive yea i guess it is see ya Tuesday folks

(a cave in Scotland)

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