Tuesday, 26 January 2010

the tuesday tie off

does not a week go past fast blimey , well the challenge set by me this week was to produce a pike version of your favorite fly as a kid , well for me my best ever catching fly for trout when i was a youngster was the bloody butcher below...

a hell of a fly for me when i was a kid standing in the waters of the river tweed with my dad at midnight sometimes till 2 am on school holidays it was a fly that would catch me trout , sea trout and i once had a salmon take me right to the end of my backing when i was around 9 or 1o on one such moonlight night quite an experience for a youngster , maybe that's why i get such a buzz not only from fly fishing but from pike fly fishing maybe it awaken memories of those nights with my dad on the river .......

so my choice being the bloody butcher and i have to say I've really loved doing this tie off and I'm pretty sure kens going to like it to as he as a kid probably was catching bluegills , smallies , and the like as a kid so ill be looking forward to seeing what he comes up with .

there are a few variations of the butcher but the pattern i used is basically the same as the picture above all I've really done is changed a few materials round and added eyes remember we are tying flies for predators here so here below is what i came up with and i will be fishing with them as i think they will do the job nicely .....

2/0 predator bloody butcher

body wrap on this one is plain old silver flat wrap the tail is buck tail with a small clump of caribou to give it a wiggle

2/0 predator bloody butcher

body material on this is pearl Mylar wrap

4/0 predator bloody butcher

body on this is a thick silver chenille wrap

predator bloody bucther 4/0

so there ya have it my favorite fly as a kid pikearised and i love it now if you head on over to hen pecked capseys pike adventures at http://pikeadventures.blogspot.com you'll get a peak at what hes been up to .......

and a big thanks from us for really getting the idea on what we are doing we really do appreciate your messages of support and hey if you don't get it well just enjoy the pictures

tight lines fellow flingers c ya tomorrow
(a cave in scotland)


Rich said...

Stunning mate....:o)

A great variation of a classic fly!

dave lindsay said...

thamks rich was great fun to tie i think there will be a few more variations on the cards