Monday, 1 February 2010

hello from the gutter

well not quite I've just not had a min to breath since my last post as I've been working some pretty long split shifts and I've been just nuts so the decision was also made last week to have a 3 day fishing bonanza with the fly next week with a chap called tony harkin , now tony is mad keen on fly fishing and has just taken up pike fly fishing , hes had a few near misses with them so its about time he got one so I'm taking him out on a trip to far off places where the fishing gods permitting he will stick his first toothy on the fly .............

packing up and traveling light

well maybe not so light the picture below is the stuff im taking with me , trust me you don't want to see how many fly boxes i left it was a bit of phone a Friend as to what was happening on the venue and choosing the most likely flies to stick it to em and below is the result . although if the truth be told id probably get away with just the boxes of kcs to be honest but well best be prepared and all that

new fangled technology

OK so the place I'm heading to is pretty dam remote I'm talking miles from the nearest road so Ive finally taken the plunge and got a new mobile phone , I've had one before oh yes but my son decided to stick it in the dogs water bowl to see if it floated , once he did that he tried to prise it open with a screw driver to see if it had let in water i didn't bother after that .

but when your going to far away places safety is always the key being able to get hold of someone in a emergency could be the difference between life and death .

so the phone , well did i buy it because of the free Internet access , er no , did i buy it because it is small and compact er no , did i buy it because it had shed loads of free text messaging , er no

i bought it because it had a dirty great epoxy fish eye on the front.............FECKIN A

so with me being away next week there will be no Tuesday tie off with ken but will will return with a vengeance the following week so apologies out that i know people enjoy it from the mails i get but hell we gotta fish sometime .

kc split bunny double whammy baitfish

well come on i couldn't let a whole week go buy without at least one fly on the blog so here it is a variation on the split bunny and i think at 5 inch's its going to be a killer i just hope i don't bloody lose it this week as ill be stuffed i only had time to make one this morning before work "dhu"

so fellow fluff chuckers , tying nut jobs , predator aholics , i bid you far well till Friday when ill hopefully have some great stuff to report on if not ill be doing a moaning blog on Friday , so if you cant do without your daily fix of pike stuff then head on over to ken capseys pike adventures for a daily dose of redneck pike madness

c ya Friday folks
(a cave in Scotland)

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