Sunday, 14 February 2010

back at work

so back at work today and i have 5 spare Min's so time for an update of the bogus , i was in orvis on my way to work yesterday (sorry just happened to fall in the door) and i was shown a new product that they are doing which looks like an all in one leader now i was only shown a photo of it but its seems to be a 7 ft long leader with an inbuilt trace in the core which will be a great product for the newcomer to the sport a product that you ca just attach to your line and go fish .

they have ordered some in to the shop so once they are in ill pick one up and give you lowdown , i do remember once getting one of the airflo ones that was a tapperd leader with a titanium trace attached and i remember writing a review of that and being quite impressed so i look forward to seeing the orvis version ...stay tuned

one of my flies cartooned just for the hell of it but looks cool ad may become the new banner for the pike and predator flies site what do ya think

so this morning at 7 am saw me at the vice mucking around with materials and below is the result (sorry tony ill send the golf clubs down)

I've mixed up ultra hair and slink n flash for this one the belly being the ultra hair and the back the slink and flash it looks like a great bulky fly but Ive hardly used any material at all on it probably 4 bits of slink n flash and maybe 6 bits of ultra hair oh and a tiny bit of yellow DNA fibre the hook is a 6/0 gamakatsu

I've used a googly eye on this one with a tiny amount of epoxy to seal the head and protect the eye

slightly different smaller version of the above

tied using the same method but tied on a gamakatsu 4/0 this time and slightly thinner in profile

a small 7mm conical eye gives this the weight needed for the action and only the slightest bit of epoxy to stick the eyes and seal the head , ill be doing a step by step for this for the website this so stay tuned

well look forward to another fun filed week and I'm maybe going to get some fishing in as well so a right bonus

tight lines flingers
(a cave in Scotland)

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pikepicker said...

sick bro that is awesome!!!!! Catch ya on Mon!!!