Tuesday, 23 February 2010

naaaaaa whats up doc

the Tuesday tie off with ken Capsey from pike adventures

the bunny bug that's whats up
...... well what can you say about the bunny bug ken came up with the idea this week for the tie off and well i have a very chequered history with this fly in fact I've never caught a single fish on it , I've had a 2 20 pound plus fish follow it at the same time from deep water but that's another story ........

i really have no idea what I'm doing wrong with this fly but I'm going to give it another go this year so when came up with the idea i though well a good a time as any to stock up on the things so great idea ken

our redneck piker in Vermont does have a lot of success with this fly now his design is slightly different from the trad bunny bug that first surface on these shore when pike fly fishing was in its infancy well maybe kens head design has got something to do with it I'm not sure .

even Ernie firth the pike fly fishing associations membership sec catches on the things (OK so its not that often sorry ern) but he does so oh well maybe this year with the bug..........

OK so all the Bunny's here are tied on 4/0 sakumas the one above has a copper flashbou under tails marabou coller and red artic fox head for maximum movement the head has been epoxied so that the fly will dip and dive and flare up when paused

under tail of pearl flashbou coller of orange and fluro green flashbou and an epoxied googly eye to give it a bit of a rattle again 4/0 sakuma manta hooks are used

a coller of orange marabou and some over sided google eyes epoxied on bubble head style , I've absolutely no idea if ill catch on these but ill give them a try if they look right in the water and I'm confident of the way they move then there will be no reason to doubt they will catch (as long as somebody else is fishing them )..........

so that mine for the Tuesday tie off i know for a fact ken will have come up with something awesome for his the guy is the bunny master ......so go check it out here's the link


so just a quick note to all those tyiers out there on facebook ken and myself fly flingers site is only a couple of members off 200 and you want to get over there and see the photo gallery there is approaching 600 fly patterns on there get on over and check it out here's the link


till tomorrow when ill be exploring the delights of tying smaller bait fish flies although still big enough for a pike snack and I'm quite excited at what i have in my head ........

tight lines
and may the pikesaber be with you
(a cave in Scotland)


Rob said...

What do you do with all of these flies that you tie? Good gawd!

dave lindsay said...

hey rob i have lots of fly boxes he he