Monday, 22 February 2010

busy busy busy

you may have noticed that its been a bit quite on here for the last few days well its been a bit crazy to tell you the truth and loads going on .....
may the force be with you (and it could well be)
i had a fantastic rod arrive the other day for review for the pffa and I've done part 1 which consists of doing a line test and well to not let anything out the bag until I've published the full review but I've been blown away by this rod ....more to follow stay tuned could this really be the best pike fly rod in the world ever...

the pike fly fishing association

the pike fly fishing association continues to grow and unlike other clubs we tend to pick up a lot of members from overseas this i believe is a fly fishing thing , well because of all the extra work peter Jones the clubs founder has given me the website to run as he just hasn't got the time to keep it updated due to the hours he works.
i am in a great position however to do the website for the pffa because although i work long shifts i am able to access the net at work and do get the time to update it so this should work really well , i did start on some tidying up today on it but theres plenty more to do , so if you haven't visited the site before please click on the picture above to go visit

of course
id much rather be doing this
so in my absence on the blog please go visit some of the great blogs in the blog list there really is some fantastic stuff out there so go take a surf and see what you can find ill see ya all tomorrow at 9 pm for the Tuesday tie off blimey id better get me skates on
tight lines
dave mcfluffchucker
(a busy cave in Scotland)

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