Friday, 26 February 2010

i just love this stuff



if you tuned in earlier in the day you would have seen the above statement and to be quite frank you be quite right in thinking id lost the plot well i sort of have let me explain , there is some fantastic new materials out there in UK pike fly fishing land and its from newish guys piketrek
piketrek have sourced some really amazing new stuff for the UK tyier so i received a parcel for review purposes for the pffa and to be quite honest i was blown away by the amount of there pike body material in a pack if you imagine a pack of slinky fibre then times that by 4 packs that's the amount you get in a piketrek pack and let me tell you the length is between 11 and 13 inch's(thats some big ol flies) so that is a hell of a lot of fibre for £2.50 a pack and there is around 29 colours to choose from and out of those 29 colours you would be able to match pretty much anything that swims and more if your a predator fly tyier you really have to try some of this id recommended melon orange and a pack of yellow for the belly as a starter , the orange melon is just such a beautiful colour and when you hold it at an angle in the light you can see a lovely green sheen going through truly a remarkable colour the flys below have used the orange melon

so if that wasn't enough i then tried some of piketrek eyes now when i received these i thought OK just some normal 3d epoxy eyes in 9 and 10 mm but how wrong i was when i examined then i found that there is an almost rubber like feel to these eyes so you and actually shape them to your head or just have then normal flat as above great product

so that's the first fly done and i was very impressed at not only how the materials looked colour wise but how easily it tied i was able to tie up this big fly (1o inch's ) in a very small amount of time ill certainly be making some more of these up

the future

piketrek have sourced these remarkable life and fly changing gills and they have opened a door to a whole new world of pike flies i mean there is so many things you could do with these , unfortunately i was rather hurried this morning due to having to go to work so only got one tied but all i thought about all day is the many things i could do with these including using them on subbugs so keep checking back as i will be doing a load more next week


OK i used just a tad to much epoxy at the gill edge but I've never tied with these before so I'm sure ill be forgiven ill get it 100% next time .....................

*now just a note here i have to say i get stuff to review all the time and one thing i wont do is lie about something if i think something is shite then ill say so i get grief for this sometimes but I'm an angler first through and through and if i wont use an inferior product then i wont expect anybody else to , i get no financial gain from reviews and neither do i expect it if you have something that you think is good enough then great but don't expect me to lie about it if its not up to scratch.......

the thing about piketrek is they are anglers first and demand the same levels as i do so that why I'm more than happy to promote there stuff through my blog and why don't you click any of the pictures above go over to there site and try something i can assure it will be the best money you will have spent i for one will carry on supporting these guys even though Greg won the fenland flyer this year but i wont hold that against him .........

tight lines flingers

Dave mcfluffchucker

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