Thursday, 25 February 2010

love to tie

fly fishing for me is a hardcore addiction full stop otherwise why the feck would i fish in conditions like this short film below filmed in early in the year

but there is another side to the sport and that's tying flies as most of you will know but i saw a post on another blog that said whats the point of tying flies is if you don't get out and fish them ,

well there is a point to it i mean you get people who tie real imitations of some wonderful insects but they don't fish them oh no there is a massive collectors market out there for flies as there is antique fishing tackle well i mean you wouldn't go out and fish antique fly bamboo hardy fly rod that's you've just paid a few grand for would you well whats the point of buying it then .....

likewise if your a football fan whats the point of going out and buying your teams shirt if your not in the team or ever kicked a ball in your life

you see fly tying doesn't have to be about tie fly go fish fly catch fish on fly tie another fly etc etc no for me its about creating things of beauty by using your own hands bits of feather of other materials and its also very therapeutic there nothing better than after a shit day at work sitting down at a vice and creating a fly your soon relaxed ...

fly tying is an art form in itself

fancy a go then here is an easy one to do

sometimes if you listen to another persons bullshit for long enough youll start to belive its true best thing in life is form your own opinions

tight lines

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