Saturday, 6 February 2010

a fluffers progress pt 2

so following on from yesterday our man tony had still not had a fish on the bank , and this simply would not do so as we sat on a bridge watching the birds , we decided to venture further away so we loaded our selves into the car and headed off to spots new i told tony i had a feeling he was going to catch today sometimes you just get that sixth sense ..........

so we arrived after many miles at our new spot and started to chuck fluff about unfortunately for me i could only come up with a fish scale (below) as i was taking the picture there was a cry from up the bank and indeed tony was into his first fly caught pike . after a very short tussle the fish was in the net photos taken and i showed tony the best way to realise the fish which was still very active ..... so well done Mr harkin your first fly caught pike is 8 pounds , and a great figure to try and better

tony first pike comes along side

tony at this point was absolutely ecstatic about his first fish and couldn't believe the power of it , well i said theres probably more to come yet we moved a few hundred yards to another likely spot and tony by this time was casting like a pro a well presented fly landed and he provided to strip back bang another fish on , at this point yours truly was starting to feel a bit like a Gillie LOL but to be quite honest i didn't mind and it was great to see tony having a ball , so as he drew the fish over my waiting net i thought that's a scraper double so it was weighed and indeed it was a new Pb for him at 12 pounds lucky lucky bastard ..........

he just couldn't believe it 2 fish 2 PBS well he soon came down to earth with a bump with the arrival of a 2 pound jack however it was interesting seeing the bite marks on the side of it mmmmmmm

so after a while of not much activity we moved down a bit from our position and tony went just a bit further than me after a while i heard him holler and saw his rod over so went down to give him a hand .

when i got down to his position the fish had just come to the surface and it was big tony had also realised how big it was so it was my job now to keep him calm and get him not to make any daft little mistake that could see him lose the fish of a lifetime tony by this time was a jibbering wee girl and by the time i got it in the net he was done for . he asked about size and i said i had an idea but wanted to get the hook out first as it was fairly far back in the mouth i did this within a few seconds i didn't let tony do this as i wanted the fish back in the water asap , so it pulled the scales round to 21 lb the net weighed a pound so that is a new Pb fish for him of 20 lbs feckin well done fella

Tony's fly caught 12

tonys fly caught 20

me getting the hook out fast

a few seconds later the fly is out

so in a day
1st ever fly caught pike
3 personel bests
2 doubles
1 a magical 20lb

feckin result tony pleasure fishing with ya and glad it all came good

dave mcfluffchucker
a cave in scotland


pikepicker said...

Crackin fish!!!! Nice job Tony!!! better than those feckin stocked trout! Nice guide work brutha!

Anonymous said...

cheers mate cant belive how good the fishing was. Dave s a great bloke to fish with he looked after me top guy.

David Edwards said...

Tony - absolutely well done - a nice result. David PS You didn't do bad either Dave :D