Friday, 12 February 2010

a day off today

I've been working my ass of the last couple of days so it was pretty cool to get a day of today and get on the vice , although once i had done my pre Tye exercise (hell its good enough for athletes to warm up) which consists of a large coffee and check whats been going down on face book , i slide on over to the vice and then bang it happens i hit that feckin brick wall what am i going to tie , what shall i use what is it for blah blah blah ,

well fortunately for me these episodes don't last very long and all i need to do is peer into one of my many draws of materials and I've usually snapped out of it today i just happened to pull open a draw with pink ultra hair and the ideas came a flooding well enough for one tie anyway and here is .....


pink bloody pink its a bloody pink fly what the feck i hear you cry ...well quite rightly so fellow chuckers but along with blue its a very underestimated colour i was one on a venue in summer last year crystal clear water and nothing would work so i had one tied with sf fibre so i stuck that on and it turned out to be the catching colour of the day when all around me were not catching on more trad patterns why well I'm buggered if i know and i really don't but it opened my eyes to alternative colours ill tell you that this ones tied on a 6/0 gamakatsu sl12s saltwater series hook

i have stuck the eyes on with epoxy and given a thin coat of epoxy round the eyes a few air spots have appeared but i learnt a few years ago that really doesn't matter a toss as the fish really don't care either way i mean Mr predator thinking "i wouldn't be seen dead eating that its got air bubbles in its eyes " i really don't think so i mean unless you a complete numpty and manage to make the whole eye white with air which to be quite honest is pretty much quite hard to do unless you mix it with an electric whisk but what idiots going to do that ........

so i guess although I've had success with pink on the pike I'm taking an educated guess that pretty much anything would stuff this down if it saw it , Ive tied it up using the 2 tie technique to give it more body in the right areas and using DNA holofusion in white and pink generous lashings of dark pink ultra hair eyes as always from Richard the eye supplier in the side menu who has just mailed me to say he has had another delivery in so get in there before they all go again ...told you they were good........

subbuggin the story continues.......

OK so unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that myself and ken over at pike adventures have a love of tying with deer hair and so much so that we have a site dedicated to that fine art of spinning deer hair for no other reason than the love of deer hair and for no commercial gain whatsoever , so every now and again myself or ken come across a deer hair tier of par excellence and we invite them to be a featured tier on the site .

well the latest discovery is an amazing tier called pat Cohen who hails from Cobleskill, NY now go check out his page on the buggin site here is the link amazing deer hair ties from pat

great to have you on board pat

a pat cohen deer hair

so back to other things my great redneck brother in Vermont has been doing some new style bunny bugs here's the link

now ken has this way of doing heads which makes a really amazing fly i just cant get it myself when i try to tie them but love the look and the weight of the head provides amazing movement in the water "i know this because ken sent me a couple to try out" so hats off to ya for that one all you need to do is master the high tie mate eh ha ha ha ha ha

so here is a great video of a fly working underwater to finish the day off enjoy ok its a saltwater fly but it gives you an idea of how they work

so that's it for today for assorted ramblings hope you have enjoyed it no doubt the rest of the week will be filled with more randomness

tight lines fellow tiers and flingers around the word
dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)

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