Sunday, 7 February 2010

back to normal this week

well after some great fishing adventures last week with tony harkin its back to the grind this week , I've already started by doing some updates to my website click the picture below to go see just click on the news section on the site .

the thing with my website as its probably the original predator only fly tying site on the net and the oldest I've always new stuff coming through that needs to be updated so as i do it ill be posting the link on the news section so you don't need to go trawling through old stuff to find the new stuff .

I've loads of stuff to do this week including a planning a few up and coming trips and some fly testing and I'm starting to get that itch again to get to the vice so yup you'll be seeing flies this week as well , and also some pictures form the trip last week , only the guilty need worry eh tony and redneck ha ha

so again many thanks to all the visitors to the site and blog and see ya all next week

tight lines

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