Wednesday, 24 February 2010

winters back

bloody hell just when some of my local waters have started to defrost this morning i arise out of my lovely warm pit to discover a layer of the white stuff its been bloody snowing all night and as i type some hours after getting up out of the pit it still comes down so that's bugged the plans i had for the next few days so i guess its down to plan b ...........TIE FLIES

not that that's a bad thing i needed to get some smaller bait fish flies done for an up and coming predator hunt with the pike saber to a small water that holds a great head of pike and a lot of larger fish so ill get to but the saber through it paces with some big fish hanging on .....stay tuned march 10Th for the result and full write up on this amazing rod ...........

winter cave

so here the view from this morning ideas a flowing and bench kinda untidy but i know where everything is and i can lay my hands on most things in a flash so materials to hook.....

what i needed was a smaller profile bait fish as the majority of the pike and zander where I'm heading down south feed on small roach so i need to match the hatch so to speak but me being me i cant help but throw in something different to the mix can ya spot it on the flies

these flies above will do the job i think and I'm quite happy with the way they turned out and ill be even happier with a big green fish hanging on to them ......

here's what i throw into the mix ......angel hair as a belly material but not quite going the whole length of the fly just a touch to give it some contrast against the green

mixing things up is always great fun and sometimes an idea works and sometimes it don't the fly above is done with an slink n flash back and an yak hair under belly interesting mix but seems to compliment each over quite well

the flies ive been doing today although being quite small (5 inchs) in pike terms have a great profile on the them so will still give em enough to chew em below is a couple with eyes and one that I'm just about to eye up all the flies you see on today's blog have been made with 6 thin bits of material but when but together they have a great wide profile that stays wide in the water .......

so no doubt ill still be at the vice tomorrow as the snows still falling so tune in and see what I'm up to

tight lines fellow fly fishers around the world
Dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)


pikepicker said... of your 10wts better have a shovel attachment heheheheheheheeh!! great post !

Rob said...

Dude, If I made mine that puffy , they'd never sink.

dave lindsay said...

hey rob the weight of the hook and the epoxy in the head sinks em mate when striped and paused they glide from side to side .