Monday, 1 March 2010

a new tying frenzy

been madness you get some new materials and bang you go into idea overload , i received some materials to review for the pffa site and so impressed was i at the quality of the product they received a coveted pffa approved product award for there materials i have been blown away by the quality of piketreks materials ,

so the last few days has seen me happily tying away at all my favorite patterns but with new materials so below is mid way through the session

this is similar to a fly i did a few days ago difference is that its twice the feckin size this just shows what you can do with these materials you can make really massive lightweight flies for pike and well sometimes you just got to give em something to chew on and of course I've used pearl gills on this one to add that touch

a perfect bait fish profile and with just a touch of yellow angel hair under the chin for a little added something , hook is a 6/0 gamagaksu sl the underbody is a white piketrek body material the back is my all time favorite colour melon orange the gill is a pearl 12mm the eyes are 9mm silver soft gell all but together these make a feckin awesome fly no matter what the size

yea baby well it had to be done although I've not fished perch patterns for a while i really had to have a go a making one with the piketrek body materials just to see what could be done and here is the result a massive great big perch

OK so materials for this one are as follows hook is a gamakatsu 6/0 sl the underbelly is fin yellow there is a melon orange stripe running through the middle with some melon orange bunched around the throat area as a trigger point the back is mossy green add some green gills and 12 mm eyes and of course some stripes and you got a rather nice perch pattern

a different view of the perch imagine this coming through the water what predator could resist

arc chrome

arch chrome is another of piketreks colours and a fine one it is , it almost has a built in flash in the form of a slick glassy looking fibre use this on its own and add a few stripe with marker and you get a pretty slick looking fly arc chrome comes in at 12 inch's long and by adding an epoxy head this fly will act like a glide hard bait go get some

yea OK I've shamelessly promoted piketrek on my blog today but the people behind piketrek are just anglers like you and me who have gone out and got some bloody great products on the market so I'm happy to promote them whenever i can go check them out you be pleasantly surprised

tomorrows Tuesday tie off in case i don't get to speak to ken will be a free tie simply because i have so much on just now I've really not had a lot of time discuss what we are doing look forward to seeing what ken comes up with ...

see ya all tomorrow
Dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)

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pikepicker said...

hands down some of the best work I have seen you do bro....spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!