Sunday, 14 March 2010


ken capsey was the other day telling me of a new pike spot he had found in the middle of some woods up a long path 15 miles into nowhere so the intrepid redneck set off to fish for these pike that had not seen feather or hook in many a year .
there is no road access anywhere near so the best thing he could do would be to walk it of course this was quite a decision for the redneck to take as it was a round trip of 30 miles and there was no McDonald's anywhere near so he was going to go and stock up on woodchuck burgers for his trip

having gone to the local McDonald's and been quickly kicked out by the angry owner for stinking the place out ( he hadn't showered since falling into a muddy swamp the week before) so ken was rightly annoyed that his boat partner Brian notackle had done this to him if anything he thought Brian would give him a few free chuck burgers for his trip so much for that as you can see in the picture above Brian really didn't want the stinky redneck in his joint
Vermont McDonald's
being chucked out of his favorite food joint by his buddy without the chuck burgers ken decided to just head off , time was getting short and he had fish to catch and miles to go he thought it would be best to use his redneck hunting skills and find food on the way

ken is world renowned for his sprinting in chest waders ability's and he is always able to chase down a live snack or 2 if your out in the woods and you see a three legged deer its had a lucky escape as you can see from the picture above

18 hours later the redneck pike adventurer has reached the spot , from his vantage point he can see dozens of big uncaught 30 lb pike in the shallows sucking in fish and taking down frogs in gin clear water the excitement levels were to much he needed to fish and fish now but one problem

(some events in this story may be a work of fiction some are not ill leave it for you dear reader to work out)
back to flies tomorrow
tight lines
(a cave in Scotland)

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pikepicker said... feckin guy. Your in the wrong business bro. You need to be writer of mental stories...3 legged deer you say....ha, I ate the whole deer...thats what was left!