Thursday, 18 March 2010

whats new pussycat

been a day of tying and updating today myself and ken have another website over at subbuggin click the pic below to go over and have a peak we have some great deerhair tiers on there including ulf hagstrom from Sweden and bass bug supremo pat cohen from new york state a real master of the art go and check it out click the pic below you know you want to

bugs bugs glorious bugs
below a small example of pat cohens work there 2 more pages of his stuff to look at what you waiting for click the pic
so now I've done some work on the other sites it will be back to normal random cave rumblings tomorrow
tight lines flingers
(a cave in scotland)


Clif said...

I clicked and got nothing but 404 errors.

dave lindsay said...

gremlin now fixed link is live thanks for letting me know