Saturday, 6 March 2010

still tying the countdowns on

OK so I'm away chasing big pike on Monday so as always I'm still tying (ill probably be doing this Monday before i go as well) so more bait fish patterns are on the menu were I'm going there is a massive bait fish population so smaller patterns are called for as that what the predators are used to scoffing .......

below is a smaller bait fish at 5 inch's I've mixed sf fibre on the back with piketrek body as a belly material the material is melon Orange and if you look closely enough you'll see the orange in the center of the body

the fly below I've used sf fibre on the back , ultra hair yellow as a belly and yellow angel hair around the head section , the eyes are pike treks 9 mm soft gel eyes with an epoxy head quite a nice little bait fish pattern and a pattern that would fish well in pretty much any venue with a population of smaller bait fish

same principle as above on the fly below but I've substituted the yellow angel hair for red and Ive added red eyes

below just for the hell of it is an sf blue back , blue is a very underrated colour in this country i really wish more people would try it

below is a fly that's slightly bigger than the norm I've used olive sf fibre as a back pike trek fin yellow as a belly and berry red as a throat


OK so i decided some experimenting was called for with the pike trek materials so i decided to do a take on an old pattern (the mohican) which traditionally was an American fly made from bucktail so i decided to do a slightly different take on this pattern

so i tied a classic colour for me in white but it has white dna fibre in the mix and a nice red eye as a strike point I've always done fairly well on this colour in very clear water so I'm quite confident of this catching

another variation is melon orange and silver I'm thinking that the lovely fluid motion of the pike trek fibre will suite this style of fly i meant say that these flies are around 4 inch's long and tied on 6/0 orvis pike and musky hooks

OK so continuing on the theme below i think my favorite is the bottom one and this is sure to get a good bashing next week , so from sitting there thinking about old flies i came up with a new version of a classic sometimes you can just sit there and look at a fly and the ideas will come

so hope you have enjoyed today's flies and ill catch up with ya all on wed

tight lines


(a cave in Scotland)

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