Thursday, 4 March 2010

on the road again

well as the week draws to a close my thoughts turn to next week when I'm out for a couple of days chasing some big pike in an old estate lake , I'm really looking forward to this one as the average water depth is only around 6ft and this will be perfect for the floating line and testing out some of the new patterns I've been working on the last few days , and I'm also looking forward to seeing my boat partner making a complete arse of himself as he has zero boat skills well he has to learn sometime and well ill be on hand to get him out of trouble if he breaks down like a bubbling wee lassie ......and as my boat partner will be reading this over the next few days and will no doubt try to retaliate ill just say the following NET - COST - WIFE see you next week mate he he he

shut up and eat me

piketrek materials continue to play tricks with my head i mean i think they have some kind of voodoo ju ju or something as ill be sitting there minding my own business and ill get that thought in my head "make this fly make this fly make this fly" so well i don't get no Peace until i do so of to the cave i go and here is the latest batch again all made with piketrek body materials

the throat on this one has been done with a colour called berry red a really interesting colour and I'm sure ill be doing a lot with it

again more big flies these are big your looking at 10 + for these i like sometimes just throwing some colours together completely random like so what i do is dive into the box grab a colour and stick it on the hook and then lay other colours over the top till you find one that fits or floats you boat this is what i did with the fly below and seems to have turned out OK for a bait fish pattern

of course i didn't really need to add the red i could have got away with just the 2 colour but hell if you don't try something you'll never know and i just fancied doing it so there i think it looks good and that's all that matters ......have confidence in something and it will work for you


yea OK so I'm still fooling around with this design trying different things and loving it the fly below is as you can see all black but it has an inner core of copper angel hair , can you imagine what that's going to look like in the water feckin radical , the eye is a 9mm conical eye this will give the fly the action of a glide bait due to the weight distribution of the eyes and materials

again another plus on the piketrek and that i love is how its keeps its profile even when wet and does make a really good bait fish but i must say melon orange is still my favorite colour

berry berry good

this is fast coming up as a favorite colour as well the thing is with the materials is although it may be berry red there is an underlying colour to these materials which sometimes only shows up when you hold it a certain way , well of course this adds a whole new spectrum of tying to me i mean imagine a predator sitting looking at a fly going past and say its not really that bothered well that is until it sees a quick clink of another colour then bang it has sparked its interest and that could be the key to the fish attacking or not think about it it makes sense

so with this in mind I've tied up the pattern bellow that has a great deep red colour but if you look closely it has a hint of electric purple so what I've done to enhance this is tied a core of silver angel hair i think this will be a killer on some waters and its a good size for a pike snack

so my posts over the next few days may be through and far between as i have unenviable task of having to choose what flies I'm taking as I'm traveling very light so space will be at a premium so i have to choose very carefully i have a lot of new flies i need to take and test as well as well so stay tuned

see ya all in the next few days
for the love of esox
(a cave in Scotland)

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