Sunday, 28 March 2010

another week begins

so OK it was my own fault i mean i didn't really have to drink 2 bottles of red wine last night but i did it just fell into my mouth and one glass led to another and one bottle led quite nicely into the second bottle and b the time i had drained that one well id thought of at least 20 great new flies to tie up .......but you wont see them on here because through the mist of my hangover this morning id forgotten all the patterns so ill turn my attentions to other things today

piketrek do it again .....
uv resin
yup those wonderful blokes at piketrek have just added a whole heap of new stuff to there website including this fantastically priced UV resin click on the picture to go there
hooks glorious hooks
of course you cant keep these guys down they also have a new range of hooks and i cant wait to get my hands on some and ill do a review on them then but if piketrek are involved one thing you can be sure about is that the stuff will be quality i mean these guys are pike fly anglers and if it ain't good enough they wont use it or sell it ........
the snip
and did i mention they are now selling scissors as well and we are not talking rubbish here these are sharp and of a quality you'd expect from the likes of Dr slick but at a much reduced rate but don't let the price fool you these guys know what there talking about again click the picture to go there and check em out ,
we in the UK have been starved for many years from quality pike fly tying product and have looked towards the American market for our tying stuff in the UK , pike fly anglers are still regarded as a bit of an oddity in fly fishing and bait circles not really accepted by either group although attitudes are changing its still a long climb up a very steep hill to become the norm so thanks to piketrek for having the balls to stock only pike stuff .........keep it coming guys and get some foam in stock ........................
(a cave in Scotland)

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Rich said...

That resin is really good Dave. I have been using it for months now and the results are far better than epoxy!