Thursday, 25 March 2010

new stuff and experimentation

so been a tad busy this week what with tie offs and stuff so just when things start to settle down you get some great new product through the post.

the guys over at piketrek have done it again sourcing some fantastic new materials which i will be doing a review on shortly for the pffa site as you may or may have not noticed i have been baning on abit lately about these guys , but i really make no apology to anyone for this simply because these guys constantly deliver custom stuff for the pike fly fisher in the UK and these guys are also pike anglers as well so they know what there on about and I'm more than happy to promote a product or company that does that especially UK ones as the UK is so far behind the states in this area so these guys get my vote for there fore site and i see them going from strength to strength with there no bullshit approach

somewhere over the rainbow
so one of the materials i was sent was called shiner (like a black eye) now this stuff is really interesting as it is black with a lovely deep purple flash through it , so i had to make up a massive rainbow trout 10 inch's long and i think will go down quite well as a pike snack you cant really see it in the picture but the purple flash really does shine through , this fly also has plenty of bulk but it is not heavy and will cast without problem an a 9 wgt

small and perfectly formed
I'm in the process of tying up some smaller flies for perch and have used piketreks melon orange
body material now this colour is by far my favorite and the picture on there site doesn't do the colour justice buy some today you will love it ......
juicy satsuma
another new colour coming soon is satsuma stripe could this be a new favorite colour time will tell but still loving it , the fly above I've made head heavy to keep it down in the water this will also give the body a fantastic movement

spawning a monster pt 1

European eel
this is big I'm talking 14 inch's here of light weight eel , eel is something pike eat so its seems like a plan to try and do a good copy of one as I'm sure theres times where a good eel copy will catch fish especially in summer .......

so what i did was think about how i was going to do this and i thought fixed rig tube (not a tube fly (as a rule of thumb a tube fly will slide up the line ) this fly doesn't as its on a fixed rig , anyway I've used 5 inch's of stiff rig tube and slid the big saltwater popper head on and glued in place then i have epoxied the head to give it a very slow sink against the buoyancy of the foam so when sinking you could give it a twitch to imitate life or dying this and the fly below are very much prototypes i still have to test em but i have every faith in them working as i have designed
holy cow perch

of course i decided after doing the eel i needed to do some kind of perch pattern so same principle as above and the same size but in perch colours materials are from piketrek simply because they are perfect for the job ..........large size little weight

still subbuggin

so for the rest of this week I'm going to be doing subbugs for a couple of customers so once done i will give the low down on the blog .....see ya all at the weekend and if you heading out to chuck some fluff take care wear glasses if your in a boat wear a life jacket

( a cave in Scotland)

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