Friday, 5 March 2010

oh for fecks sake

so I'm preparing for my trip next week and I'm sorting flies out and I'm also taking a load of flies that i need to test so it then dawns on me that I've got no bloody room in my boxes or fin sports for any more flies and my board is getting kinda full again so i guess I'm going to have to get some bloody new boxes made pronto .........................

so i made another load of boxes and i have a few spare in reserve as well although by the time I've finished today ill have no room in these either

OK so on the shelf and I'm almost ready to start packing although ill only be taking the second shelf with me , only ha ha ha

so that's my lot for today i have to go finish packing

see ya all on Wednesday for a full breakdown of events and hopefully some fish pictures too

(leaving the cave in Scotland)


James O Durbin II said...

I store my flies in 2 x 12 clear plastic sleeves. I can put 50 in a small tupperware box and they stay flat so no crinkling of the material. I could probably put 20 flies in one of your plastic boxes this way. I simply put ten or so of these into my fly pack for fishing.

pikepicker said... need 1 more box...hahahhahahahahahaha SpiderDave, will save the day!!!