Monday, 29 March 2010

wine hangovers and funny feckers

so there i was yesterday suffering the mother of all hangover heads yesterday and i happened to mention this to Ben beech of piketrek in an email and him and Greg decided to take the piss completely over my predicament........see below
"We have used your hangover as our inspiration for this weeks tie off. As you can see I've gone for the more traditional approach of Paracetamol googly eyes to mimic the effects of double vision. I've also adopted a muted black finish to be easier on the eye, shot through with bright flashes of purple pain. To show the effect of light on the hungover fragile mind."

Rough as a Badgers fly

this ones called "hair of the dog", I hope it helps! I thought I might call it "break glass in emergency" or "ma heeed!"

funny funny people that piketrek lot


(a cave in Scotland)

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pikepicker said... case od emergency eat fluff....har har har...those Piketrek boys got ya bro!!!