Tuesday, 23 March 2010

the tuesday tie off


so speaking with ken over at pike adventures last night getting the brief for the tie off as it was his choice this week and he decided to utilise piketreks fishgills with kens favorite material buck tail ......so enjoy

so i had to make an orange and yellow and stuck in some green fish gills the hook is an orvis pike and musky hook a favorite hook at the moment for buck tail flies and sub bugs plenty of room on the shank for materials and the hook sits further back than normal Aberdeen hooks which is great for short biting fish

a big epoxy head will get this fly down pretty quick and also help with the action on the strip

i tied this white fly up with a new UV material which will be available from piketrek shortly "watch this space" with a buck tail over body now i sat and thought for ages about the head not sure to do either red gills and a silver eye or pearl gills and red eyes as you can see i choose the later but i reckon both would work just as well

so i finished of with a kinda Perchy pattern with oval gills , I'm loving those oval gills i just have to work out what else i can do with them i have a few plans ......so remember to go on over to ken site at http://pikeadventures.blogspot.com/

tight lines till tomorrow and remember don't let the bastards grind ya down

(a cave in Scotland)


Anonymous said...

Loving the perch pattern Dave!

pikepicker said...

great ties as always bro...that was like you read my mind with the perch idea brilliant!!!!