Saturday, 24 October 2009

annoyingly good poppers

I'm a great fan of people that are great at what they do fly tying wise and these pictures popped up on pike adventures with ken capsey and i was really blown away at them , what perfect poppers and a sure fire hit with the fish to be sure ,

now i spoke to ken about these and it turns out he got a dremmel tool because it was cheap not really that he wanted to set out and do poppers so had to get a tool he just picked one up cheap and came up with this baby below absolutely awesome i love it , I'm also going to have a go at these feck have you seen the price of popper heads in the shops and there always bucket loads of wine corks in my house .

it gets better

so here is his latest batch of frog poppers kens done i love the idea of the chenille on wire never thought about doing that before and of course it will stay together a lot longer with sharp teeth than foam will , don't get me wrong i love using foam but unless you strengthen it with epoxy (like the foam heads i do) the stuff just gets wasted after a couple of fish which is a pain in the butt ,wire you can just bend back into shape .

i can just see this being thrown in amongst the Lillie's and having either a pike or a largemouth bass just exploding on the surface just looks completely right (well maybe a touch less glue on the leg there ken) and id have every faith in using one hats of to you for a great looking fly
in case anybody thinks I'm sucking up here , well absolutely not ill give the greatest respect to anybody who can come up with something hand made like this that will fool a fish into thinking its the real thing and to any fly tyier who makes works of art like these above , in fact its got me going with a million ideas on these so I'm now going to get a dremmel and start doing my own i have a couple of places these would go down a storm on ,
its probably to late in the season where ken is to catch on these but i cant wait to see pictures of bucket mouths and pike that have been fooled on these ......
hats of to ya bro


pikepicker said...

Thanks bro....your work is an inspiration mate....Thank you!

Rob said...

Can you pike fish in the winter?

dave lindsay said...

hey rob yes mate sinking lines and slow flies off the bottom , as long as your rings dont frezze up