Monday, 5 October 2009

salmon and trout association meet

a few more pics from the night , again a really good show and a busy night tying flies . guy eldridge was swamped all night giving out information on gear and methods and peter jones done a great job on telling anyone who would listen why pike should not be knocked on the head by game anglers and we managed to genuinely educate and get most of the anglers interested in pike fly fishing

the venue the shoulder of mutton pub somewhere in lincolnshire the village had a couple of houses the pub and a chinese takeaway one visit and youll never leave

this chap was really into the whole idea of pike fly fishing and flytying and questioned me on every fly i had on display thats one converted then

really nice to see the level of interest shown and a great bunch of freindly guys must also say a big thanks to john at orvis in edinburgh who did me a great discount on materials that i was going to use for the night i ended up giving away at least 100 quids worth of flies on the night in the promotion of the sport sowing the seeds i think

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pikepicker said...

Top job Dave....glad to see all the new folks interested in pike on the fly!