Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Justin Casey

justin is a fine example of a fly tyer despite very poor eye site , he invented a special pair of tying glasses with these he can see to tie even the smallest fly unfortunatly he super glued the glasses onto his face , i spoke with justin casey last night (hes allowed one phone call before his medication) about smaller patterns for perch and thanks for the advice ill speak with you again after your electro shock treatment

so heres a smaller predator version of one of his flies really designed for fishing on the deck for perch but im informed it would work for bass as well

more to follow i have a fire and a box to fill

tight lines


pikepicker said...

Just-in-Casey I like that.....well let me tell ya....when the glasses got ripped off lets just say i will be tying with a paper bag over my head. now i can only tie on 10/0 hooks!

ChuckingFluff said...

That's hillarious, you should check out a show called the trailer park boys, theres a guy with the same glasses.