Tuesday, 27 October 2009

i wanna go sub buggin

well I'm back on the tying trail after a couple of days enforced layoff (don't ask but it involves a rabbi a priest a Methodist and half a dozen poll dancers) anyway i was really gagging to get back at the vice i had sub bug fever again , i just love tying them there is so many different combos you can do both with material and size so of i went locked myself away and tied a couple up

i wanted to do something along the lines of a bream colour basically smaller bream are a great food fish for pike in the UK so i needed something slightly creamy brown on top , they go a lot darker when they get older smaller bream are a great pike snack so the above is what i came up with all deer hair this one as it takes on a great shape in the water when wet

next outta the block id this which id probably the easiest bug to tie just a load of saddle hackle a bit of flashbou a few rubber legs for the hell of it and the usual weighted eyes to give it that fish busting gliding action , i was thinking while doing the 3 colour head that i could do a great frog pattern based on the head so that's the plan tomorrow before i go to work ill be using that stonking idea from ken capsey for the legs if you ain't seen it its further down the blog

i was down at orvis today picking up a load of angel hair so i picked up some more sf fibre i get through so much of the friggin stuff Ive probably bought Steve farrah a beach hut in the Bahamas by now , but it does make great bait fish patterns

so angel hair what a friggin material really messy to tie with but i think worth the effort when you want flashy bait fish patterns , the one above I've made the eyes dumbbell style basically cutting a bit of the stems and gluing them together and fixing them on like you would for a clouser , i wanted a little bit of extra weight on this so I've epoxied the head , quite looking forward to using this one i think it will do the bizz .........

right I'm off back to the vice as i have some trolling flies to do for ken the vermont redneck and I'm going to get into the frog zone as well ......c ya later fellow brothers of the fluff

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pikepicker said...

Feck bro...love that header and those patterns well they speak for themselves!