Saturday, 3 October 2009

massive zander on the fly

OK so its old news a bit but I'm still blown away by this fish , guy eldridge is a member of the pffa (the pike fly fishing association) and a we while ago he caught this massive zander at 19lb 8oz and is not only one of the biggest zander caught on the fly in the UK , but its the biggest zander caught on the fens by any method ,

guy himself is a hell of an angler he fly fishes all year long no matter what the weather or even if the water is frozen up he will find a hole to cast into he just does not stop and has a massive amount of great fish to his name , guy unlike a lot of other people is not a glory hunter he just loves his fishing , so that's why Ive put this truly great fish up again

the other thing about guy is he only ever fishes a couple of fly patterns and just ties up a few more when he needs them now theres a lesson

hats off to you again guy


All about the grab said...

A chap at lake Saimaa in the east of Finland this august caught a 26lb Zander on a fly.Have never seen anything like it. This is an impressive fish...for UK standards....mind!

dave lindsay said...

wow thats a monster of a fish simon is there any photos