Thursday, 29 October 2009

surface frog mark 1

I'm going crazy again as i do from time to time frogs this time (thanks for the idea Mr capsey now see what you've done) i wanted a frog that was going to have a great profile from underneath you know we've all seen frogs sitting on the water legs spread , well that's what i was after something that i could chuck out and let sit before a little tweak now and again to give the illusion of being alive so below is how it went

OK legs prepared on wire stems ready to be attached

back legs attached just in front of one set of spun hair and more hair in front of that

major amounts of deer hair are then added to form the body

the good bit pulling it all tight and watching it flair up

the front legs go in and more hair is added getting there (the legs are in solid and wont move)

time to get trimming

under belly view the bit that matters as this is what the fish will see when its looking up

top view (i may change the eye colour though )

now this is really my first proper frog tie and i have ideas for a mark 2 already as thinking about it does it really need to be frog colours if I'm looking for a profile type fly i think maybe black would just work as well , in fact what about doing bait fish patterns like that as well mmmmmm more ideas c u tomorrow for an update im going back to the vice

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pikepicker said...

love it Bro....perfect profile and slammer ! Now we need some mice.....rodents bro......mice in the vise as we speak!