Tuesday, 13 October 2009

playing at the vice

OK so now my Internet issues have been sorted out i can get back to some regular postings , so in my enforced absence I've been trying to perfect the perfect bait fish here's the latest additions

Ive always wanted too put fins on some of my flies and was never really happy just to use perm marker so Ive been messing around adding feathers as fins

the profile from underneath seems to be OK and quite roach like so but ill keep trying to get it just right

i did a fly tying demo a few weeks ago and rob from carillon showed a really neat idea , i always have tons of bits in my waste catcher and usually just bi it but i always thought what a waste well rob tied up a really small saltwater fly simply by using synthetic scraps ,

so i collected all my bits for a couple of days(trust me its a lot) and had a go and i quite like what it came out as the fly above is tied on a 4/0 hook the technique is quite simple you just make a dubbing rope and wind it round the shank when you have finished just rub over a piece of Velcro and this will free the fibres and stick a couple of eyes on and and hay presto a fry is born.

i think this would be good for a whole host of species and i look forward to trying it out soon ....see ya tomorrow

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pikepicker said...

Nice bro....bass would devour that thing!!!! Will call it "SCRAPPY" baitfish!