Sunday, 18 October 2009

jabba the zarfartian

ohhhh what a week the her indoors has been studying like crazy for exams this Friday and Monday so I've had toddler sitting duties as well as my normal work so not had chance to fart let alone tie flies or even get out fishing them but hopefully after Monday she has a couple of months of study so i should get some stuff done a million and one flies i really don't need to tie but I'm going to anyway i have way to many flies i think i should maybe have a clear out this week and see if anybody wants them .....

so to a few ties i have managed to get done this week in between clearing up beans and spaghetti of the walls (not me my son) now this week i just fancied tying up some smaller patterns in pre prep for a weeks fishing in the the states at the end of may large mouth bass , muskie , northerners , walleye will be my main target and if i happen to get into some other species as well even better I'm really hyped for that one and I'm sure copious amounts of booze and deer burger will be eaten in the evening round the fire pit hell yea .........

so i was chatting to ken as normal on skype you remember him hes the one that teleports through computer screens with his special zarfartian teleport glasses he was given by the zarfarts one evening while he was on lake champlain (sorry thats another story) anyway in case you have forgotten here he is doing just that sorry about the fuzzy picture the zarffart rays disrupt electric equipment

so smaller ties it is well i could do with a heap of them anyway for perch and stuff so they wont go to waste

the fly above is a real simple streamer type (ill do a step by step this week on my website) tied on a 1/0 mustad using Icelandic sheep hair and a couple of epoxied in 7.5 mm cone eyes very effective little fly this

again Icelandic sheep hair minnow pattern but with stick on eyes with a head of epoxy

Icelandic sheep hair again , its really nice to work with and you can tie very fast baitfish flies with it and move lovely in the water , i go through stages of tying with different materials always good to refresh yourself every now and again with the materials

you looking at me

just some head on shots of bait fish flies for the hell of it

so thats it for today im at work so limited in my tying today at some point this week ill tell the amazing story of ken capsey who encountered a UFO while fly fishing on lake champlain and what it did to him .....butt probe anyone


M Palumbo said...

Hiya Dave nice looking flies, almost thinking of tying up some myself to try out on canal for pike on the fly.

pikepicker said...

We zarfarts love beans and spaghetti, Great patterns bro no fish over here will snub their nose to those...........beam me up Scotty!

ChuckingFluff said...

Dave those a great looking flies. I'm sure they'll be great producers for ya.


dave lindsay said...

thanks ian lets hope so