Friday, 16 October 2009

hi ties

been a while since I've done any high ties and seeing what a great job ken over at pike adventures did with his one today i thought id tie a couple up as I'm on a split shift at work so not much time

these flies are done on circle hooks which i find ideal for this type of fly , i know not everybody gets on with circle hooks but i like em for certain types of fly and I've always had a 99.9 % lip hook up rate with them yes i was sceptical at first about these hooks but i did some research a few years ago on them and thought id give them a try and was impressed enough to carry on using them , only down side is they ain't that easy to stick in foam fly boxes but they go well in fin sports

6/0 perch fully sf flash

4/0 roach ep fibre belly and olive sf back

not as good as kens pic but i ain't no David bailey ......enjoy

tight lines fluff flingers

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ChuckingFluff said...

Great set of flies!!!!! There going to get beat up good.