Thursday, 1 October 2009

hey ho great show

well just got back from the trout and salmon association lincoln feather benders meet and what a blast the pffa were invited along to a talk and demo on all aspects of pike fly fishing and tying the team included myself doing fly tying peter jones did a speech about the club and guy eldridge was on hand to chat to members about methods etc (guy if you dont know is a first class angler and holder of the biggest ever zander caught on the fens 19lb + and on a fly )

i didn't really have a very early start but was struggling to stay awake on the train so had some really awful coffee it kept me awake because after that i couldn't for the life of me understand why people would pay £1.80 for a cup of awful tasting shite so i was trying to work it out and that did the trick

this was about the only quiet time i had setting up for the evening after the people arrived i was non stop , the great thing was the people that came along were mostly game anglers who to be quite honest have always looked on pike anglers as a bit "just not cricket" if you know what i mean , and i was prepared for long debates on how good a sporting fish pike on the fly are , but it didn't happen the guys that game along were very interested in all aspects of the method and the people i tied for were all very interested in taking up the sport and some bought materials to tie flys with so all in all a great evening and best of all a load of game anglers who will no longer knock pike on the head bonus.........

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