Friday, 13 November 2009

bullheads rock

was in the mood for tying up some big bullhead flies after seeing how well they worked on a recent trip , they have the action of a jerkbait are the same size but weigh virtually nowt and only have a single hook so less damage to the fish (don't care what you say 3 sets of trebles will do a lot more damage than a single hook)

tied on a 6/0 orvis musky hook and coming in at 8 inch's , head has gold angel hair tied into it for a little bit of flash

no flash on this one the action does it all and theres a nice orange throat for a bit of effect

the eyes on these are massive i bought them sometime ago but they were to large for anything i was tying at the time so when the bullhead came along i found it was the perfect eye for them as they add a little weight to the fly and sticking them on with epoxy is the key to getting that great action in the water and they are still very light and easily castable on a 9wgt . check my site for footage of the bullheads in action click the predator flies link in the side menu

enjoy .......mcfluff

p.s ken get out of your sick bed and tie some flies bro it was only a foot operation not brain surgery ya big jessie

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pikepicker said...

Thanks did you know my middle name was Jessie????? Buhahahahahahaha loves those flies!