Friday, 6 November 2009

heading out

so heading out for a weekend fishing tomorrow after big pike on the fly so a few last min flies to tie gear to sort out etc , as I'm travelling fairly light and not on a boat i have to scale down a bit as I'm not taking my big boat box while I'm roving around , the trouble is though ill only be taking half the amount of flies that i usually do (i do like to be prepared) .

so i had a whim to tie up an orange and yellow foam head don't know why just had to so no doubt this will get a soaking over the weekend , the last time i tied on a whim i had an hour before i had to leave so i cranked out a red and white sub bug and that was the fly that did the business the fish were just hammering it ,m so maybe its a sign who knows , but id be kicking myself if i didn't make it and fish it at least once during the trip

gear gear gear

so here is my roving bag after much pain choosing boxes of flies 4 boxes of sub bugs went in well they are such a versatile fly for fishing deep , shallow , mid water i just had to go for it , as well as a few wallets of flash flies , sf flies bucktail flies etc so i reckon I've covered all the bases here so now looking forward to getting out and chuck some around .......c ya Monday for the full lowdown

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pikepicker said...

good luck those Esox who is boss!!!!! One more box of pike patterns should do it!