Thursday, 19 November 2009


the orvis rotary vice that is no more

well I've spent a while researching vices as its that time of year when i need another one so after lots of looking around and reading reviews i came to the decision to get the orvis vice above it had great reviews and no negatives i could find , it said that it could take hooks up to 2/0 but I've had that before and well to be quite honest i thought id still be able to get a 6/0 into it no problem but id need to try it first to be on the safe side

so i called john the ever helpful asst store manager who always puts up with my weird ordering requests for pike fly tying stuff.

so having called john up to see if they had one in stock that i could try some big ass hooks on he informed me that they were no longer making them , oh feckin arse but he did say he had just had a delivery of vices and id be welcome to come down and try some out , well that's a red rag to a bull , i shoved a load of my biggest hooks in a bag and headed off through the tram works to the shops no easy task i can assure you

so i tried a few out before i came across this one by veinards and it took the biggest of my hooks no problem and the price tag was just £40.00 the rotary side of it is a joy to use cant wait to get tying on it , myself and the vice will be reunited at the end of the month when i get paid

i was planning to get out for a few hours fluff chucking today but with near gale force winds and driving rain i think that's been knocked on the head I'm hardcore but not that hard core

tight lines


pikepicker said...

great post bro....that vise has no idea what coming!

Anonymous said...

Just ordered the JVise myself....Should be in the post soon.


Rob said...

Not a bad vice - i'm just not sure about the colour....LOL!


dave lindsay said...

hey rob the fish will never know LOL