Sunday, 15 November 2009

nice video

heres a really cool slightly speeded up video from the guys over at pike patrol i often go over to there site , cant understand a word of it but hey looking at fish is enough , the video is a nice variation on how to tie a very cool looking bait fish although myself id probably have some gratefull dead playing

anyway heres the link

the week ahead for me well i got some crazy ideas in my mind that i need to transfer onto hooks yeeee haaaaa , and of course taking the piss out of ken "cant tie flies ive got no feet" capsey

and im going to fill a box up woth some pike size clousers in prep for bottom huggin winter pike on a venue i quite like to fish

and hopefully ill be getting some of these that live in the darkest parts of the water waiting for snak to come by

see ya next week

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pikepicker said...

I've slept so much now bro...I may have been in a mini coma! Any who....if doc says i can walk upstairs I think I will cry...misssin the lab mate!!!!