Monday, 2 November 2009

some new flees

well back on happy trails after a hard weekend at work (listen you you don't leave the building now I'm going to dump all your stuff out the door) so i was well looking forward to chucking some stuff and a hook or 3

so first up was an angel hair roach with plastic dumbbell type eyes quite happy with the way it turned out , this is tied on a 5/0 sakuma baitholder hook so its biggggggggg , and I've got enough angelhair left for a one inch perch fly well orvis do angel hair in tubes for £2.20 so not to bad , although its bloody messy to work with but tyhe end result is pretty cool

so back to bugs had a delivery of some whitting cape that my buddy ken at pike adventures picked up in a sale (thanks again ken) so put them to use on this one no particular thinking behind the colours its just whatever came to hand

so on the saddle hackle trail thought id tie up one in orange and green I've gut the head on this so it dives dives and dives on the strip i love the way it came out this is tied on a 6/0 orvis pike and musky hook cant wait to get it wet

tight lines till next time brothers of the fluff and remember to take regular breaks from tying flies or you to could end up like this

1 comment:

pikepicker said...

Buhahahahahahahaha...feckin hell man you've lost it! i love it dude cause I would do the same thing......nice shirt bro!