Sunday, 22 November 2009

facebook fly flingers

OK so facebook the social network site well i stayed away from it for years thinking it was a site for teenagers , well i joined it sometime ago and Ive found it to be a very valuable resource for us fly fishers ive made no end of Friends on there with like minded anglers and there is an incredible amount of information on there and some stunning fly tiers .

if your a fly angler you should really check it out and there a great new face book group on there started up by ken capsey called Fly Flinger's pattern swap now this group is really growing fast with over 400 predator fly patterns on there so far including fresh and saltwater and growing all the time including some stunning work by orlando barrios the picture below is just a small example of his work

so here the link to go have a look so even if you haven't thought about before or thought a social network site wasnt for you get over and join in to this great resource for fly fishing all over the world , get connected this group is going to be massive

tight lines

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