Monday, 30 November 2009

so begins Monday after my enforced layoff from the vice due to working silly hours i got back into it today , i also this week received a parcel of fantastic eyes from a new UK supplier and I'm well impressed with both the quality of eyes and the size and range but more of that later in the week here's what Ive been up to with today with the new eyes

first up is a little baitfish made from sea fibres (available from austen at

then came the slink and flash flies these the fly colour on this is a colour that has caught me hundreds of fish over the years so I'm looking forward to getting out and trying these slightly different variation

epoxy headed roach tied with sf fibre i reckon these will be a killer on the right day i think these will catch hundreds on there day

epoxy slinkys on the dryer

the picture above is for an upcoming trip to the states where im going to need some small mouth patterns for a river that I've seen ken capsey fishing and i cant wait so here a few of the many ill be tying for the trip these are on a size six feckin tying on size 6 is crazy after tying for years on 6/0s but great fun non the less

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