Monday, 9 November 2009

thats fishing for ya

back from the annual fenland flyer and bugger me it was rock hard after spending most of the day searching for fish we eventually just after lunch landed on them right place at the right time we walked down a path to be greeted by hundreds of roach exploding out of the water now take a look at the picture below and try to guess where to find the bait fish daunting on a venue like this , so we had a stroke of luck there as the morning was a waste of time despite many different tactics , lines , flies you name it we tried it and it wasn't only us 18 other fly fishers were going through the same thing

under the willow tree there was roach exploding a hunting predator was around i had to cast the fly tight under the tree

no matter what i tried i couldn't get the damn things to attack the flys i tried and i got right under the bloody tree as well in amongst the baitfish believe me i tried the lot

ahh well at least i got to look at loads of flies in action over the day

so the final result for the day was between 20 fly anglers there was a total of 6 pike caught the biggest being around 4 pounds , and most of the guys fishing are some of the finest pike fly anglers in the country

what went wrong well probably the weather to be honest i mean it was November and i was out in my t.shirt for gods sake i should have been DE icing my rod rings the fish wouldn't have been thinking about feeding up for a hard winter .....maybe it was that maybe they were thinking something else who knows but that's why its called fishing and not catching ,

I'm not to worried ill be out again next week chasing em

tight lines

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